Congratulations to Vanessa Vaughn of Asfalis and Matt Bradley of TH Logistics.
They participated in a friendly MBE-to-MBE video competition, sponsored by Denny’s and emerged as the winners of the MBE Video Spotlight

MBE Summit 2018 – Winning Strategies to Close the Sale!

Some companies consistently win contracts and close deals, while others struggle to bring on new business. Wouldn’t you like to be on the winning side of the equation? Join us for MBE Summit 2018, where international sales expert and business coach Angelique Rewers will share Winning Strategies to Close the Sale.

MBE Summit is designed for all levels of business owners. This powerful connecting conference will bring together Corporate Partners and MBEs to make valuable connections through matchmaking, development workshops, and networking.

Sponsored by Denny’s, this capacity-building event has a powerful line-up of speakers in store. Here are some key questions for your consideration when making plans to attend the MBE Summit:

  • Do I need to re-evaluate my current business strategy?
  • Am I positioned for growth in this changing economy?
  • What are the key financial elements in my business that require monitoring?
  • What are corporations looking for in my company financials when awarding contracts?

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